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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Everything You Need To Know About It

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As part of our aging process, hormone levels begin to reduce gradually. Safely and naturally, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy helps in rebalancing these hormone levels safely and naturally. One thing worth noting is that many benefits come with having maximum hormone levels which includes: vitality, energy, and also improved sex drive. There are also other benefits like improved focus, younger looking skin, and better sleep among others. The types of hormones that this therapy relies on are products from the plants which are similar to those produced naturally by our bodies.

To fight the common problems that are caused by hormonal imbalance, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy helps in improving and balancing these hormone levels. Among the many symptoms of hormonal imbalance include mood swings, fatigue, stress, and weight gain. The work of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is to provide that the average levels of your hormones are restored so that your entire wellbeing is also improved. It also reduces the health risks that are commonly associated with hormonal imbalances. Studies have shown that among all the other conventional hormone therapies, OB/GYN Associates of Alabama therapy has quicker effects.

This therapy is also useful in reducing the various symptoms of andropause and menopause. Other benefits of reverse vaginal atrophy therapy include restoration of bone strength, reduced viginal dryness, improved cholesterol, and also bladder control among many others. There are many ways through which bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is given. Hormone pellet implants are one of these effective methods. After the implantation of these pellets which is done in an outpatient setting, you are allowed to go back on the same day.

The most common place where these pellets are implanted are your upper buttocks. After this insertion you will be advised not to use swimming pools, hot tubs, or bath tabs for about one week. You will also note that doing strenuous activities is also not good since it can interfere with the healing process of the incision. Within one to one and a half days after receiving the estrogen pellets, is when you will start to notice some symptoms improvement These pellets are made of naturals hormones which dissolve on their own hence nothing will be left behind in your body. Get more facts about wellness at

Depending on how your organization can metabolize the hormones, the implantation of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy pellets can be done two to four times a year. Over the years the safety and efficacy of this therapy have been recorded by many studies across the globe. This documentation also consists of the many benefits that are associated with it in comparison with other traditional medicines and drugs.